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(Frequently asked Questions about power flushing)


Does Power flushing work on every system?


No sometimes there is issues that can not be solved by power flushing, usually being recommended a power flush means that the system is struggling to work at 100% but it will not resolve all problems.


What happens if we still have problems in the radiators after Power flushing?


Then you must have them replaced or take them outside and flush them out or leave chemicals in the system for 4 weeks to remove the last bits.


Is this covered by the Power flush?


No, the cost of the power flush is for 1 days labour plus the chemicals used, we do this to keep the costs down to all customers, badly sludged systems will need extra work done to them which is not covered in the quoted price.


Why is my system in this state in the first place?


All systems should be maintained by draining down every year and filling up with inhibitor. In reality this is something that we all forget about and rarely do but with small steps every year the system could be protected for life.


Magnetic filters, what are they? what do they do?


Magnetic filters are filters which catch the magnetic particles that are in the system, there are a wide variety of magnetic filters on the market. The installation of a magnetic filter stops the system needing to be drained down regularly. Magnetic filters still need to be maintained every year but it is a 10 minute job that can be done by the homeowner, rather then calling out a plumber.


Will I still have to pay if it doesn't work?


Yes, power flushing is a good start to getting the system working but the system may still need further work to get it working to 100%. However Power flushing removes 80-100% of the sludge and if the first power flush does not remove 80% of the sludge we will re-flush the system for free under our 2 year Guarantee.


I have been told that the boiler should be removed is this true?


This is different between different companies, however we strongly suggest that the boiler is connected when flushing as the chemicals need heat to work properly and also the boiler should be cleaned out to get it up and running properly.


I only have 2 radiators that are causing problems, do I just pay for those 2 to be cleaned?


No we go by the full amount of radiators you have in your property, the reason for this is because we can only do a good job by doing the whole system. Even if only 2 radiators are causing problems, the whole system must be done to clean every part of the system and prevent sludge going back into the radiators that have been cleaned.


Why pick Union Plumbing & Heating to do my Power flush?


Here at Union Plumbing & Heating we

  • Use only experienced engineers to do every power flush.

  • We clean out the F & E tank in the attic.

  • We will stay until your heating is working to the best of its ability (even if this means working late).

  • We offer a 2 year guarantee.

  • We always balance your system before leaving.

  • We always come back if you should have any problems.


Is it possible for the power flush to cause leaks in the system?


No this is a myth, however if there is a leak in the system covered up by sludge, lime scale or rust or a poorly fitted fitting, the power flush will find these and cause it to leak, the cost of repairing these are not covered by the cost of the power flush.


Do you add Inhibitor to the system?


Yes we always add the recommended amount of inhibitor into the system to protect the system for as long as possible before leaving.


Now its clean is there anything else I should do?


Yes every year your system should be topped up with inhibitor and whenever work is done to the heating make sure the engineer adds inhibitor as this will protect your system.




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