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Take control of your Plumbing

Get your home checked

Every winter millions of households turn on the heating to find the system doesnít work or the boiler wont fire. With the weather getting worse every year and the forecasters predicting it to be the same for many years to come, why not get your plumbing and heating checked while the weather is good. Donít be left in the cold, have to take days off work, spend hours on the phone to insurance companies and loose valuable items damaged by water.

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Buying a new home

When buying a new home, the plumbing is usually the last thing we all consider, we rarely think about the pressures of the water, the potential problems and the hidden mysteries. With the withdrawal of the HIPS packs on 21st may 2010, homebuyers are less aware of potential issues and may not know until it is too late. Home surveys carried out by Surveyors only concentrate on problems such as subsidence, major leaks that have affected the building structure, structural issues and damp.

Union Plumbing and Heating can arrange to view the property before you buy to help you make an informed decision

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Selling your home


Do you want to show off the quality of your plumbing?

Do you want to increase the chances of selling your home?

Do you want to be honest and upfront with the buyer?

Do you want to get any potential problems fixed before you move?

Get in contact to arrange your Home survey today.


The home survey covers:

  Visual inspection for potential leaks.

  Checking Insulation for pipes.

  Testing the boiler and Heating.

  Testing all taps for leaks, looseness and drips.

  Checking all pipe work in airing cupboard.

 Entering the attic and checking all pipe work.

  Certification to show results.

Time taken


2 hours


Price excluding VAT


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