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Oxford Power Flush


Are Your Radiators not as warm as they used to be?


Graphic showing Power Flush Effect on a cold RadiatorYou may have noticed that you have cold radiators and that your boiler seems to be working overtime!


This is a common problem that may be caused by rust, lime scale and hydrogen that builds up naturally in your radiators and heating system. It not only blocks up your radiators but also your pipe work and boiler meaning that it actually costs you more to heat your home.


Here at Union Plumbing & Heating, we offer a Power Flush service that will help to save you money and heat your home more quickly and efficiently. 

Power Flush Machine Set-upUnion Plumbing and Heating's Power Flush service uses a mixture of safe industrial strength chemicals and a powerful jet pump to remove the blockages, clean your radiators and bring new life to your heating system.

The entire Power Flush process can be done in as little as 4 to 5 hours (10 Radiator System) while at the same time ensuring the up most care taken during the process, leaving your house warm AND clean!

Union Plumbing and Heating are experienced plumbers, have been fully trained in Power flushing and are fully insured so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Oh, and another thing, the Power Flush costs a lot less than you think, for example…



0-10 Radiators


11-20 Radiators


21+ Radiators

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So, don’t stay out in the cold, book now to get your heating HOT again and start saving some money.

Prefer to Call For Your Central Heating, Radiator And Boiler Maintenance in Oxford,

Power Flush, Kamco CertifiedDial for a Fast, Friendly response.

Here at Union Plumbing & Heating we use Kamco Power Flush machinery and Kamco Power Flush Chemicals. Union Plumbing and Heating have been trained and credited with a Kamco Power Flushing certificate.

Kamco is one of the leading Power Flush Manufacturers, for further information please visit the Kamco Website.




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